UTMB MyChart

MyChart Family Access

What is Family access?

MyChart Family Access, also known as proxy, allows a person to access data in another person's medical record. Typically, parents will use this to access their children's accounts so they can schedule appointments check immunizations, reorder medications, and coordinate other health-related information for their children. Adults may also use it to access an older parent or relative's record. This is particularly useful for helping older adults monitor medications and appointments.

In any proxy relationship, two people are involved. One of these is the person whose chart is being accessed. This person is called the subject. The other is the person who needs access to the chart. This person is called the delegate.

A subject must give a delegate permission to access their medical information through MyChart, by completing the MyChart Family Access Request form and submitting electronically. Parents requesting access to their children's MyChart account should also complete and submit the MyChart Family Access Request form. No one should ever access another person's MyChart account unless it has been linked to their own through family proxy access.

What access is a delegate given?

Depending on the age of the subject:

  • Adult-Adult: Full access to another adult's MyChart record with the written authorization of the subject.
  • Parent-Child: Full access to your minor child's MyChart record. Transitions to Parent-Teen family access when child reaches age 14.
  • Parent-Teen: Partial access to your minor child's MyChart record. When child reaches age 18, family access is automatically terminated and you will no longer have access to your child's MyChart record.
  • Legal Guardian: Full access to the MyChart account of a patient for whom you have documented legal authority to make health care decisions. Proof of legal guardianship is required.

How do I request Family access?

Complete and submit electronically the MyChart Family Access Request form.

What happens next?

Once we receive the consent form and approve the request, we will set up the subject's MyChart account for family access. If the delegate does not have a MyChart account, we will email a unique access code and activation instructions to the email address provided on the form. The accounts will be linked and available once the account is activated.

Delegates who already have a MyChart account will receive notification through a MyChart secure message when the accounts are linked with family access. Expect to have a response within two business days.