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Important Information for Users of UTMB MyChart

Driven in part by new federal guidelines on patient access to their health information, some changes to MyChart recently went into effect at UTMB Health to provide greater access to your health information. Additional access is on the horizon. These updates are summarized below:

Access to Clinical Notes

Tools like MyChart are a great way to help enhance safety and maintain access to care during situations such as the current COVID crisis. A new icon available to users of the MyChart app will bring up a report showing your COVID-19 testing status.

A new feature grants you access to the “clinical notes” recorded by your provider(s) for clinic visits and hospital stays at UTMB. A clinical note is different from a test result; it may include comments or observations related to your condition recorded by the provider. All notes after Oct. 27, 2020 are automatically available under the “Appointments and Visits” tab in your MyChart profile.

Access by Patients Age 14-17 to their Records

Patients who are age 14-17 are now able to access and manage their health information in their own MyChart account. They have two methods for acquiring access: They can use an activation code which is printed on the After Visit Summary, and/or they can sign up in the clinic by talking with staff.

Related to this, under State of Texas family law, the privacy of adolescents is protected, so access by a parent or guardian to portions of an adolescent's medical information is not available in MyChart beginning when the child turns 14. At age 18, all family access is terminated. At 18, an adolescent-turned-adult who wishes to allow proxy access to a parent or other adult can send a proxy invite from within MyChart. From ages 14-17, the parent may contact the UTMB Health Information Management Department at (409) 772-1965 to request the release of medical records (protected health information) no longer accessible via MyChart.

Coming Soon: Immediate Release of Lab and Procedure Results

Early in 2021, laboratory and procedure results will be available to you at the same time that they are sent to your care provider. Please remember that your test results and medical information may require interpretation or explanation, and your care provider will still follow up with you to discuss any findings. However, you may receive the results before your physician or other care provider has had a chance to review them. A note in the results will remind you that the information was released automatically.

It continues to be our pleasure to serve you and to offer you the power and convenience of MyChart. To log on, visit The UTMB Health MyChart Patient Support team is also available 24/7 at (409) 772-4278.

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