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New Features Coming to UTMB Health MyChart

UTMB Health MyChart was upgraded on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020. MyChart continues to be a wonderful tool to manage and help take control of your health. Now, in addition to popular features such as fast online access to test results, secure messaging with your providers, and online appointment scheduling, and now you can take advantage of:

  1. A new quicklink to your COVID-19 testing status (in MyChart Mobile)
  2. An easier way to grant proxy access
  3. Additional mobile features
  4. Access to discharge summary notes
  5. A better look and user experience for the financial tools
  6. A time-saving automatic wait list feature
  7. The ability to link your MyChart accounts from different organizations

Learn more below.

COVID-19 Testing Status Quicklink in MyChart Mobile

Tools like MyChart are a great way to help enhance safety and maintain access to care during situations such as the current COVID crisis. A new icon available to users of the MyChart app will bring up a report showing your COVID-19 testing status.

Send an Invite: An Easier Way to Share Proxy Access

If you wish to grant access to your MyChart account to a spouse, sibling, grown child or other trusted individual, there’s now an easy way to do it. Adult patients will now be able to invite other adults to be proxies on (have access to) their MyChart accounts. Sending an invite generates an email to the intended proxy. The proxy can accept the invite and answer some validating information to confirm the proxy relationship. No intervention by UTMB Health is required.

More Mobile Features

Mobile phones and portable devices have become indispensable tools for most of us. If you haven't already downloaded the MyChart app, now’s a great time to do so. The app is available for Android and Apple devices, is free, and now features the following mobile-optimized features:

  1. Medications, Allergies, Health Issues
  2. After Visit Summary
  3. Self-Sign Up
  4. Past Admissions and ED Visits
  5. Happy Together (account linking feature)

Download the mobile app now with the app store links at the bottom of this page.

Discharge Summary Notes

Been in the hospital recently? The discharge summary notes from your hospital stay may now be available for your review through MyChart.

Improved Look for Billing Features

When it’s your pocketbook on the line, you want information to be clear and easy to understand. MyChart is offering a new look and feel for its billing and financial features, making it easier to find the information you need, quickly!

Automatic Wait List

Your time is valuable and your health is critical. Now, after you make an appointment, you will be automatically added to a wait list to be notified if an earlier appointment becomes available. It's your choice of whether to take the earlier appointment (if one becomes available) or to keep your original date and time.

Link Your MyChart Accounts in "Happy Together"

Do you have MyChart accounts at multiple healthcare organizations? If so, now you can link those accounts and see information such as allergies, health issues and test results from one place/with one login.